Practice Areas

Pathway Advisory Services serves global innovative and generic pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, as well as governments.

We help many leading and emerging pharmaceutical and medical device companies to develop, evaluate and execute government engagement, regulatory and market access strategies for the Canadian marketplace. Our approach emphasizes the importance of understanding the perspectives and interests of pharmaceutical companies, public (government) payers, private payers and pharmacies. It is our belief that such knowledge and understanding is critical to the development and execution of effective market access strategies for any pharmaceutical product, medical device or diagnostic test.

The advantage that Pathway Advisory Services can bring to your organization is its depth of experience and understanding in the market access world, across the Canadian provinces. Based on practical experience, we understand how best to work effectively with the regulators and government drug plan managers responsible for administering the public drug plan formularies and health systems. Based in Vancouver but drawing upon our nationwide network of partners with proven expertise in the clinical, commercial and regulatory aspects of market access (many of whom are former government and regulatory officials), we help our clients to achieve tangible results on a wide range of issues affecting all provinces in the country. Contact us today to learn how we can help your organization.

Our Areas of Practice include helping clients with:

  • Market access listings for innovative medicines
  • Market access listings for generic medicines
  • Market access for medical devices
  • Structuring Product Listing Agreements
  • Developing and evaluating Budget Impact Analyses
  • Developing strategically oriented regulatory submissions
  • Engaging key opinion leaders for clinical and commercial perspectives and guidance
  • Engaging government drug plans, including on a confidential representation basis
  • Conducting health system capacity environmental scans
  • Developing market entry, capture and retention strategies
  • Advising on drug pricing
  • Formulating tendering strategies
  • Formulary design analyses
  • Analyzing and forecasting of drug benefits costs
  • Preparing messaging and communications for drug plan engagement